AS61957 Services

Meet the services behind AS61957! Behind AS61957 you can find managed hosting services such as Anycast DNS, Managed Webhosting, Dedicated Servers, VoIP Trunking and Business VPN Services.

Points of Presence

We are present in over five locations: Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States and Russia! More information can be found on our Point of Presence page.


IAMONSYS GmbH treats abuse on AS61957 very serious. Please head over to our abuse information center for steps on how to report abuse on AS61957.

IAMONSYS GmbH operates an open peering policy.

We are willing to set up peering (IPv4/IPv6) between networks connected to one or more exchange points that we have in common. Please note that a formal agreement is necessary. In case you're interested, please contact us.

Company Network

AS61957 - Worldwide Connectivity - Meet our POPs!

Meet our global network with POPs in Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States and Russia.